Free Software Concept Map

Here you have this Free Software Concept Map. It can be usefull to explain Free Software in classroms, bussines… One concept map helps to understand key concepts and most important interrelations.

[Traslations: castellano, català, francais]

I have followed this advice: Less concepts in one concept map makes it easier. For that reason, for example, I have added the fourth freedom (to be able to redistribute the modifications) within third.

Concepts are within the boxes, relations are in the arrows that unite them and examples or notes on concepts are under those boxes.

This is the png image:

If you want it to use or to modify, here you have this file source in OpenDocument standard that uses the Open Office 2: Free Software Concept Map

What would you like to modify?

Notes on giving to char it with the concept map

For example, I would use it in a speach on Free Software in about 4 or 5 transparencies. Meanwhile, in order to make the presentation more interesting I would add some stuff. In that way, I won’t need to speak all the conference long. In that way, I won’t need to speak all the conference long.

First, I would put something like IBM video of the boy who learns and grows like the GNU/Linux. Then I would put some transparencies and ask questions to the public, to obtain some interaction and to keep them interested. I will adapt my explanations to the interests and knowledge of the audience.

I’l end up putting some attractive examples, like two or three distributions and some interesting programs.

My general aproach is that everything depends on the public, if they know enough, it’s necessary to give them something that produces curiosity, something new. If they do not know too much, I think it is not necessary to fill up the brain of data that are lost easily.

I usually have two objectives:

1- I give something that motivates, that produces an emotion to them (that’s good for the memory)

2- I give some information which they do not know. They must learn something to satisfy their natural curiosity.

Be carefull, depending on the age of the audience, the map can contain too much information, it is necessary to reduce it before. If they are too young, cut some commentaries; you can talk about then if necessary. If it is too big, you are in risk of making a wrong time distribution.

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