Sale SUSE Linux 7.1 el 12 de Febrero

Lo más destacable es que SUSE 7.1 tendrá el kernel 2.4.
Aunque también hay cosas interesantes como glibc 2.2 y KDE 2.0.1.
Podeis encontrar más información en SUSE 7.1 y en
New in SUSE 7.1

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SuSE Linux 7.1 Ships With Kernel 2.4 On February 12

Nuremberg, January 25, 2001 – Today, SuSE Linux, the international technology leader and solutions provider in Open Source operating system (OS) software, announced the February 12th availability of the SuSE Linux 7.1 with the newly released Kernel 2.4. Only a few weeks after Linus Torvalds released Kernel 2.4, SuSE presents the latest duo from its best selling Linux distribution. SuSE Linux 7.1 Personal offers selected software and documentation for newcomers and desktop users, and SuSE Linux 7.1 Professional provides experienced users with the applications needed for a server operating system.

Kernel 2.4, another step toward Enterprise computing, benefits both server and desktop applications. With its improved multi-processor support, an addressable RAM of up to 64 GB, and 64-bit file system, Linux now enters a sphere
previously reserved for commercial Unix variants. Desktop and notebook users benefit from enhanced USB support and simplified administration of hardware
components, including plug & play for ISA cards and ACPI.

SuSE will continue shipping the 2.2 series kernels parallel to Kernel 2.4.Kernel 2.2.18 boasts remarkably improved USB support, version 3 of the network file system NFS, and integrated support of Intel’s latest CPU Pentium IV.

Beginning February 12, SuSE Linux 7.1 for Intel CPUs is available from SuSE or from bookstores and software retailers. The recommended price for SuSE Linux 7.1 Personal (3 CDs, 3 manuals, 60 days of installation support) is $29.95; SuSE Linux 7.1 Professional (7 CDs, 1 DVD, 4 manuals, 90 days of installation support) is $69.95. For further information on SuSE Linux 7.1, please visit
SuSE’s web page at:

SuSE Linux Personal Edition – Convenient From the Outset

SuSE Linux Personal, designed for private PC users, is an easy-to-install system with a range of software packages. The powerful installation assistant YaST2 (Yet another Setup Tool) features automatic hardware detection and a menu-driven graphical user interface, enabling users to set up an entirely functioning SuSE Linux OS in as little as 20 minutes. The Quick Install Manual, with numerous screenshots, guides users to success step-by-step. With desktop tools and a set of open-source software, plus KDE 2.0 and its new features, users can be productive immediately in a familiar environment, and also have software “to grow on,” for those interested in learning more about computers and Linux.

Common programs like Netscape Navigator 4.7.3, StarOffice 5.2, Acrobat Reader, the image processing application GIMP, and the advantage of using virtual screens under Linux ensure efficient operation. Comprehensive export and import
functions enable compatibility with other systems.

SuSE Linux 7.1 Professional – Tools for Professionals

SuSE Linux 7.1 is based on the program library glibc 2.2. There are more applications with LFS (Large File Support) and supporting Ipv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6). IPv6, which gradually supersedes IPv4, allows additional IP addresses and enables much more flexible routing. New YaST2 tools assist with printer configuration and print job administration and allow individual package installation from FTP as well as CD and DVD.

With a completely revised boot process, Lilo surpasses the 1024-cylinder limit for the boot partition. There is now long-name support for RPM packages. A special editor for the main configuration file, rc.config, enables quick and simple system tuning with hierarchical display of configuration options. RPMs signed with the SuSE GnuPG key provide additional security for system updates.

SuSE Linux – Popular and Versatile

Separated into a personal and a professional version in autumn 2000, SuSE Linux 7.0 set new sales records. “We paved the way for newcomers to discover the benefits of SuSE Linux,” explained Roland Dyroff, CEO SuSE Linux AG. “The
comprehensive professional version continues to please long-time customers and skilled Linux users.”

Compatible with all major hardware architectures, SuSE Linux is available for x86 as well as PowerPC, Alpha, and Sparc CPUs. The system is an ideal development platform for Linux applications and also the premier choice for use in heterogeneous networks. SuSE offers its Linux distribution with maintenance and support services for use on IBM’s mainframe architecture S/390.

About SuSE

SuSE Linux AG is the international technology leader and solutions provider in Open Source operating system (OS) software. SuSE’s unique expertise in Linux and their largest development team worldwide dedicated to Open Source software has contributed to the recognition of SuSE as a leader in Linux solutions. SuSE supports more hardware platforms than any other commercially available Linux

SuSE Linux AG, headquartered in Germany, and SuSE Inc., based in Oakland, CA, are privately held companies focused entirely on supporting the Linux community and Open Source development. With a workforce of over 500 people worldwide,
SuSE has offices all over Europe, Latin America and in the US.

Additional information about SuSE can be found at


SuSE Linux AG
International PR
Martina Eckstein
e-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +49 911 74053-507

Xenia von Wedel
The Terpin Group
[email protected]
(650) 344-4944

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